PVC Pipe Fittings PN16

PVC Pipe Fittings have strong corrosion resistance, easy bonding, low price, and hard texture. However, due to the exudation of PVC-U monomer and additives, it is only suitable for water supply systems with a delivery temperature not exceeding 45 °C.
Ordinary PVC Pipe Fittings are suitable for building water supply and drainage systems and agricultural irrigation, etc., and the pipeline pressure does not exceed PN10 usage scenarios.
Different usage scenarios have different requirements on the pressure of the pipeline system. The higher the pressure, the higher the wall thickness of the pipeline system.

The DIN Standard PVC Pipe Fittings provided by ECODEX can withstand the working pressure of PN16 and are mainly used in sewage treatment, chemical transportation, aquaculture, pharmaceutical industry, and other scenarios.