Project Description

  • PVDF Female Coupling Adapter

PVDF Socket Fusion Female Adapter

  • Lead time: 20 days around
  • Package: Carton
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • MOQ: 10ctns
  • Delivery: Ocean or Express
  • Place of origin: China
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Product Description

1.Material: PVDF
2.Size:20mm to 250mm
3.Color: Opaque
4.Connect: Socket Fusion
5.Standard: DIN
6.Pressure: PN16 (1.6 mpa)
7.Temperature Range :-20°C-140°C(-4°F-284°F)

PVDF is a superior thermoplastic material that can be injection molded and processed into pipe fittings. It is chemically inert and does not react with any chemicals.

1. excellent chemical resistance, weathering resistance, radiation resistance, piezoelectricity, dielectricity, thermoelectricity, and resistance to abrasion and impact.
2. excellent resistance to heat and oxygen aging, good resistance to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents
3. High-temperature resistance for long-term use in the temperature range of -20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F)
4. PVDF has a refractive index of 1.42, which gives the material a high light transmission.

1. Used for water filtration, treatment, deionization, distillation, and desalination.
2. Its chemical resistance and is used to treat salt/brine solutions, strong and concentrated acids, hot corrosives, aromatic and halogen solutions, it can be used as a surface protection film packaging material for photovoltaic solar cell sealing.
3. Industrial ultra-pure water, and food processing, highly corrosive fluid transport
4 can be used outdoors for a long time without maintenance. Widely used in power stations, airports, highways, high-rise buildings.
5. Low extractable value and often used in the semiconductor industry, paper.

Please Note:

We offer PVDF products with hot melt connections.