Project Description

  • UPVC Check Valve
  • UPVC Single Union Check Valve
  • UPVC Single Union Check Valve

2 Inch PVC spring check valve

  • Lead time: 30 days around
  • MOQ: 10ctns
  • Delivery: Ocean or Express
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • Place of origin: China
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Product Description

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2-Way True Union Ball Valve

One section (the medium) enters the valve and the other section of the valve is for the medium to leave the valve. Like all check valves, spring loaded check valves do not require external control to operate.

We offer PVC spring check valves of different standards (DIN/ANSI/JIS/) in sizes from 20 to 80 mm, with EPDM seals. The normal working temperature of the valve is not more than 45°C and it can work under 150psi pressure.

Uses and features of Spring  Check Valve

Protects equipment from backflow damage
Provide pressure relief for system safety
Prevents backflow from causing media contamination
Interrupts flow without human intervention
Powered by flow and differential pressure under spring pressure

Advantages of Spring-loaded check valve

Rapid interruption of flow
Provides positive sealing at pressures below the valve rupture pressure
No need to operate or startup under gravity or backflow pressure

Swing check valves are limited in the direction of installation. Swing check valves can only be installed in horizontal applications, limiting the direction in which swing check valves can be installed. Spring check valves can be installed in any direction of flow. Spring check valves help minimize the water hammer effect, which is exacerbated by swing check valves. Any water hammer effect present in the piping system is likely to be amplified by swing check valves.