Project Description

  • PPH Socket Fusion One Piece Flange

PPH Socket Fusion One Piece Flange

  • Lead time: 30 days around
  • Package: Carton
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • MOQ: 10ctns
  • Delivery: Ocean or Express
  • Place of origin: China
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Product Description

1.Material: PPH
2.Size:20mm to 110mm
3.Color: Light color
4.Connect: Socket Fusion
5.Standard: DIN8077/8078,GB/T 18742.3
6.Pressure:S5/SDR11 (PN10)
7.Temperature Range :-20°C-110°C

PPH is β-modified to the common PP material so that it has a uniform and fine Beta crystal structure.
1.PPH is insoluble in organic solvents, non-cracking, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-scaling, which can effectively improve the water quality of the pipe network.
2. Wear-resistant PPH Pipe has good resistance to water hammer pressure.
3. Long service life: it can be used safely for more than 50 years under rated temperature and pressure conditions.
4. Excellent corrosion resistance: It can withstand the corrosion of high concentrations of acid and alkali in a wide range of PH values from 1-14.
5. High-temperature resistance, the product thermal conductivity is the small temperature range of -20°C to 120°C, with good insulation performance.

6.Reliable connection performance. The strength of the product’s hot fusion interface is higher than the strength of the pipe body, and will not break the joint due to soil movement or load.
7.Anti-aging Insulation, the product is light in weight, simple welding process, and convenient construction.

It is suitable for various industries, such as chemical plants, electronic semiconductor plants, pharmaceutical plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. It is widely used in high acid and alkali chemical products conveying systems, sewage, and wastewater conveying systems, environmental engineering, and other fields.

Please Note:

We offer PPH products with hot melt connections.