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  • Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve

Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve

  • Lead time: 30 days around
  • MOQ: 5ctns
  • Package: Wooden Box
  • Delivery: Ocean or Express
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • Place of origin: China
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Product Description

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2-Way True Union Ball Valve
Size DN50-DN300 2″-12″
Working Pressure PN10/PN16/125LB/150LB
Face to face BS5153,ASME B16.10, DIN F6
Flange drilled EN1092-2
Working environment Water, Oil, Steam
Working temperature ≦120℃

Ball check valve Structure :

The ball check valve has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a spherical device and a valve body. The spherical device is composed of a ball cover and a rubber ball. The rubber ball is processed into a core by a steel plate and is covered with a rubber layer to maintain a certain elasticity and sufficient strength.

Working principle:

The working principle is that the rubber ball is rolled in a short stroke in the dome to realize the opening and closing of the valve. When the water pump starts, the pressure of the water breaks the rubber ball, so that the rubber ball rolls to the right side, and the check valve opens; after stopping the pump, the rubber ball is forced to roll to the left side due to the backwater pressure of the system, and the check is stopped.

The rubber ball is made of hollow steel ball, and the rubber with good elasticity is used to ensure the sealing and to reduce the damage to the pipeline system during the valve closing process. The tapered cone with a hole fixes the steel ball when the valve is opened and eliminates the pressure of the contact area between the rubber ball and the tapered body so that the contact is in surface contact, and the hydraulic loss caused by the chattering of the rubber ball in the valve body is reduced.