PPH Pipe Fittings

PPH is a beta modification of ordinary PP material to make it have a uniform and fine Beta crystal structure. It has excellent chemical resistance, is insoluble in organic solvents, abrasion resistance, and has good insulation. High-temperature resistance, the working temperature can reach 100 ℃. Non-toxic, light in weight, and easy to transport and install, this is a high-quality product that is more resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and aging than PP pipes.

Advantages of PPH:

Chemical resistance—-In all polypropylene pipes, experiments have proved that (β)-PPH pipe has the strongest chemical resistance.
Long-life —– Beta-(β)-PPH pipe has a longer life and higher system safety.
Impact Strength—-Compared with traditional (α)-PPH pipe, (β)-PPH pipe has significantly low-temperature impact strength.
Temperature resistance—–According to the actual application, the applicable temperature range of (β)-PP-H pipe is from -20℃ to +110℃.
Pressure resistance—–(β)-PPH pipe has the highest pressure resistance performance (MRS10) among all polypropylene materials used in piping systems.

PPH Pipe Fittings applications: 

High acid and alkali chemical product delivery system
Pure water delivery system, drinking water delivery system
sewage conveying system
Semiconductor Industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Environmental engineering and general piping system