Plastic Pipe & Fittings

Plastic pipe fittings are more and more widely used in life and production. Plastic fittings have many advantages over metal fittings.

1. Lightweight, Plastic pipes are only 1/7 of the density of metal pipes, which greatly reduces the cost of transporting pipes and construction intensity.
2. Smooth pipe wall, Less resistance to fluid flow.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, Compared with metal pipes, plastic processing and molding temperature is lower, reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
4. Some plastic pipes are suitable for transporting corrosive liquids and gases without rusting and corrosion, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
5. Compared to metal piping plastic piping conveying fluid media is less prone to scale, non-toxic, and does not affect the fluid media.
6. Plastic piping construction costs are lower than the number of pieces of piping

Plastic pipe Fittings Applications

1. daily water supply, drainage, agricultural irrigation
2. residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial work and applications that
3. school product handling, ventilation piping, chemical media fluid transfer
4. pharmaceuticals, semiconductors
5. aquaculture

We are able to communicate and supply DIN PN10 PVC Fittings, DIN PN16 PVC Fittings, and ANSI PN16 PVC Fittings in sizes from 20mm-315mm. (1/2″-10″), PPH Pipes Fittings, PVDF Pipe& Fittings.

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 PVC Sch80 Fittings
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