Clear PVC piping has the superior corrosion resistance and tensile strength of PVC.
Clear PVC piping provides a cost effective solution for many industries, particularly those where visual monitoring is critical.

The smooth inner wall of the transparent UPVC pipe allows for unobstructed flow allowing for maximum flow reducing the ability for sediment to collect in the system. The transparent pipe allows direct visual inspection of pipe cleanliness, preventing the build-up and blockage of dirt, algae and sediment that can affect inflow rates.

Clear PVC pipes are very versatile and can be used in food, pharmaceutical, hospital, electroplating, sewage purification and chemical installations. Particularly suitable for use in biological dyes, aquaculture, DIY, subsea sites, bioreactors and in environments where algae production is required is allowed.

PVC Materials

We offer clear PVC pipes according to ISO 9001, ASTM D1784 and DIN and JIS standards.
Transparent PVC pipes are connected using conventional PVC glue socket connections. The piping system includes clear pvc coupling, clear pvc tee, clear pvc ball valve and other fittings.
As with conventional PVC piping systems, clear PVC piping allows for fast, reliable solvent weld connections. Good pressure-bearing capacity, as well as easy handling and installation.

Fully compatible with other plastic pipe types, connections can be made as required by using the correct pipe plans, adapters and connection techniques. Clear PVC pipe can also be used for secondary sealed applications (also known as pipe in pipe) where the clear pipe allows for see-through monitoring of leaks or spills as they occur.

The installation of clear pipes allows them to be easily removed for regular cleaning based on visual inspection, ensuring a smooth and stable operation.

Clear pipe application scenario

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